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Dear Friend,       No one likes to lose ... But unfortunately, when it comes to lotteries, MOST people DO lose MOST of the time.       Lottery organizations exist to MAKE MONEY. They’re not charities. And they’re not looking to make people rich or happy. They are purely looking to make a profit. A BIG profit.       And they do!       They may advertise that they only want to make people’s dreams come true ... But that only happens for a miniscule percent of the people who play.

    Something like a state lottery may look simple ... you pay for a ticket, you enter, and see if you won. Simple, right? Wrong!     Lottery organizers employ some of the sharpest accoun - tants, programmers and logistics experts in the WORLD to ensure that they can completely MANIPULATE the system as much as they can to put the odds firmly in THEIR favor. They want you to play. In fact, they NEED you and every one you know to play. Because they need ticket sales to pay out winnings. BUT, they want to take in as much as they can, while paying out as little as they can. So, you are mostly doomed to fail and lose. BUT ... if you could get inside their tricks and systems for

Jed Baynard ... Is a PROVEN WINNER!

Jed is the only human in history to WIN 164 lot - tery games in one year! No one knows how to beat the lottery better than Jed Baynard! His winning feats are leg - endary! In addition to winning MILLIONS from lotteries across the U.S., he holds the record for winning the most Daily Pick games in a single year ... An INCREDIBLE 164 games! He also holds the record for winning the most consecutive Daily Pick games ... 17 games WON in a row!

“In the last 15 years ... my students and I have RARELY won less than $3,500 a week!” I’ll show you how to make money EVERY week playing the Lottery. You’ll learn how to win over HALF of ALL the games you play... GUARANTEED !”

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accomplishing THEIR goal, you could see how to REVERSE those tactics and beat them at their own game!    And I HAVE done this ... to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars! My name is Jed Baynard, and for over 15 years I’ve taught thousands of ordinary (and losing) lottery players how to turn the tables on the professional sharpies that run lottery games, and how to reverse and profit from the array of tricks they employ to grab maximum money from the unknowing public. My #1 book is the very best insider’s look at how lotteries work, and the incredibly profitable system I discovered, and taught in my private school to give lottery players a consis - tent, profitable edge.

    In fact, over the last 15 years my students and I have RARELY won less than $3,500 a week! I’ll show you how to make money virtually EVERY week playing the lottery. You’ll learn how to win over HALF of ALL the games you play ... GUARANTEED!     By using my proven system, you will avoid the pitfalls of other players and cut your losses to almost nothing ... while learning how to play for the highest possible returns on your capital. ALL of my students have won up to $100,000 within 90 days. I know this because I keep track of all my students and their successes. And I have never had one that didn’t make a bundle of money almost right away! In fact, most students make between $100,000 to $250,000 within two or three months, and several have hit MILLION dollar jackpots right away! All of them have won huge jackpots, and the majority have won as much as $1,000,000 overall! I’ll show YOU the exact same winning techniques that have made ALL my students RICH! My lottery program is designed to make you a WINNER right away, not years in the future. I’m talking about being a HUGE lottery win - ner within just weeks! If YOU want to make a steady, significant extra income playing in the lottery, so you can live a better life and afford the things you need, then this for you. But the only way to copy my success is to learn the techniques I know, and to employ them properly with my help. If you love to play the lottery, and love to win even more,
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You see, my book, Baynard’s WINNING Methods for Lotteries , contains the exact same system I used to teach all my students how to beat lotteries. These are not shady tricks with no merit. Or illegal maneuvers. This is a proven, mathematical, statistical system to beat the lottery. Yet, it is not complicated once you understand it. And in order to understand how to beat the system they have created to make you lose, you have to understand a few things ... Namely that the lotteries in ALL states have now hit an astronomical level of profitability by using tactics that are borderline illegal! They operate like any other business, they want high sales while keeping their costs as low as possible. They know that statistically they need keep a certain percentage of every wager that is made. However,

No matter how long you’ve been losing in the lottery, I GUARANTEE I can turn YOU into a BIG WINNER like these people ...

“... On Sep. 1 and Sep. 2 I got a di - rect hit and box hit in our Daily Pick 3 game.” – Roger P., OH

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their focus is to artificially raise that percentage by manipulating the timing of jackpots for all the games. Of course, none of this can be proven in a court of law, or else they wouldn’t do it. But in my book, I’ll show you what I have learned over DECADES of tracking virtually EVERY payoff for EVERY lottery game in almost EVERY state that offers a lottery. No matter what kind of lottery player you are, whether you’re a daily pick player to a mid-level player or just play the big mega lottery games, you can learn my system and beat every lottery. Or maybe you like to play every chance you get, or focus on certain types of games and play only those games most of the time. Either way, the good news is, no matter how you play, I will show you how to play and WIN big $$$! Wait until you see what I discovered ... I’ve been studying the lottery for longer than anyone in the coun - try. That’s why I have a system that’s light years better than anything you’ll find. At first you may think what I’m saying sounds paranoid. But the overall results of my system cannot be disputed. Remember, my system would not work like it has for me and my students if my initial discoveries were not correct. My entire system is based on what I call “results-manipulation” at specific times for each game. If I was wrong, my students and I would not have been so suc - cessful over the years! This is the proof! You see, what I discovered is that the lottery organizations are ma - nipulating the heck out of the games they sponsor! Every part of what they do is rigged in their favor. Their game, their rules. Only it leaves you on the losing end. Unless you know what I else I discovered, which is ... The Jackpots get bigger when tickets sales drop! You can see it for yourself if you pay attention. Every time there’s a drop in sales for any Lottery ... suddenly the jackpot swells! And when the jackpot gets bigger, they get more media attention, more people get excited, and the tickets sales start to climb! If you check back for the past 30 years, you’d see what I saw, that big jackpots are planned to happen at the exact same time lottery ticket sales drop off. When there is finally a big winner, for weeks afterward, the number of tickets sold increases. Then, the whole scenario starts over again when ticket sales start to drop!

   The good news for you is, I have figured out how to take advantage of this manipulation. That’s something I will teach you in my book.

In fact, my entire lottery method can be summed up
in ONE simple explanation ...
Whenever the lotteries interrupt the normal flow of results, they artificially elevate the chances of certain numbers. I know how to identify these numbers ahead of time. So when they stop, the manipulation of these numbers are more likely than others to be drawn. Then, since you’ll know what the numbers are, you will concentrate your play on only those numbers! But, that’s just the explanation of how my proven system works. There’s more to know than that. And in my book, I’ll tell you, step-by-step, how to KNOW exactly what numbers are most likely to make you a winner. This is

not guesswork. This is a proven winning formula. You’ll learn:

  • $ Why record keeping is crucial to success, and my simple method for doing it.
  • $ What PN’s are, why they are so important.
  • $ How to effectively play daily picks and jackpots.
  • $ How to play risk-free with “paper” money while you prove my system.

Don’t be a victim of their manipulation any longer! Turn the tables on them and win!

While most other players stumble around in the dark and lose their money week after week, and year after year, YOU can use this information to add to your bank account on a regular basis and live the good life without any real work! The system I give you in my book is the result of over a decade’s investment in time. From operating my school for so long, I saw first-hand how players react when they were FINALLY given a winning method for the lottery. I also saw all the mistakes they were making that stopped them from winning.    You can be certain, I will give you the very best and fastest way to start winning, and guarantee your success with my system. And even better, you can start playing, and test my system without risking any money at all! That’s right, you can simply play the lottery on paper from your home when you begin! Then you can practice and be sure you’re applying my system correctly, and winning. Then when you see it’s working, you can start playing for real and watch the winnings pile up.


For too long the lottery has been cheating players with hidden manipulation tricks. It is my hope that more regular players will start to punish them by winning as much of their money as they can. And it is my belief the methods enclosed in this book will allow you and others to do just that! And I’m so confident you WILL win that I’ll make you an exclusive, $1,000 Success Guarantee ... Use my WINNING lottery system for the next 30 days and if you don’t become a BIG winner ... I’ll send you $1,000 cash! (terms apply) My book and my system are the gold standard for beating lotteries today. It is the ONE book serious lottery players use and follow religiously. Nothing else like it exits!

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